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Apr 18, 2024

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Coaching Gets Artificial Intelligence-Powered With Leadership Oracle from New Level Work

        Leadership Coaching | The Leadership Oracle AI-powered chatbot, which is free and available worldwide, was just announced. It’s said to be able to answer your leadership development questions about managing workers, giving feedback, effective team meetings, and more.

        "This tool will democratize the availability of high quality leadership development advice and guidance," said New Level Work Vice President of Product, David Evans. "By integrating AI into our deep coaching knowledge base, we make foundational management coaching available at scale to anyone, anywhere, anytime."

        We visited the website (, and there is a “Try the Leadership Oracle now” section in the middle of the page. Using the bot requires entering an email address to be able to chat. We tried it out with a few questions and found value in the information and quick responses. We’d give the experience and information a thumbs up.

        New Level Work states that it has the most extensive network of vetted, experienced coaches, “…and its data-driven approach accelerates leadership development….” It also states that it delivers its services in more than 20 languages and countries. What about you?  How might you use this took in your business or in your role as a leader?


PR Newswire (04-09-2024)

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