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Remembering the first car you owned may take you back to feelings of nostalgia and excitement at what you had while knowing you were just getting started and something better was in your future.  You may be at that future point now.  You may also have miles, months, or years to go before you get there.  But whether your self-developer goals relate to the cost of a new vehicle or is a lifestyle goal, the cost can be an essential consideration.  According to the Federal Trade Commission’s website, vehicles are the second most expensive consumer purchase behind buying a home.  


And we know vehicles, like that first one you had, don’t last forever.  Fortunately, the choice of what type of vehicle to purchase or lease may be greater than ever in selecting an electronic vehicle (EV) or a vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine.  If you’re planning on an EV, you’re not alone.   According to FN Media Group, exclusive interest in EVs has jumped from just 4% in 2020 to 14% and those who say they would consider an EV topped out at 22% of survey respondents.  

Electric Car Charger

So if you’re forming goals around what vehicle to consider, you’ll likely find company with other potential purchasers and leasers of electronic vehicles interested in battery-supplied power. 


PR Newswire (07-20-2022)

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