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Apple Shakes Up Journaling with New App for iPhone

Those familiar with Tony Robbins know that journaling is fundamental to self-development.  You may have tried various electronic or paper-driven ways to capture experiences which have certain limitations, including portability and security.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week, Apple announced new products, updates to iOS, and an exciting new app called, Journal.  The new app will be added to iOS and iPhone for all users in the fall of 2023.   It promises to inspire journaling by making suggestions from things like photos, locations, some activities, and more.

Writing prompts are designed into the app to help you get going with entries.   To help keep you consistent, you’ll be able to set up notifications as reminders to journal.    And Apple promises security for the app including their inability to access your content.

The app doesn’t appear to be ready for iPad yet and we hope it will come to it in the future along with Apple Pencil support.  In the meantime, will you use it in your self-development journey?

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