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Feb 16, 2024

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Seven-Figure Mindset Mentor Shares How To Get What You Want

With more than 700 episodes and almost 2 million listens, Constance Arnold’s “Think, Believe and Manifest” show added another episode with special guest Dave Conway this past Sunday. The conversation was lively, informative, and filled with great takeaways and opportunities for the listener.

Their discussion included Conway’s former work with Bob Proctor, one of the beacons of the self-developer industry. Further, he shares how he’s gone on to coach more than 25,000 entrepreneurs as well as coaches with his company, Conway Consulting. He is noted as a “seven-figure mindset mentor” who once lived a more meager existence as a carpenter.

During the conversation, Conway shared that people are “programmed to want” and asked if you are willing to change to get what you want because wanting isn’t enough without accompanying it with change. Self-developers interested in manifesting results should enjoy the nearly hour-long conversation between Arnold and Conway. To catch the podcast, navigate to

Arnold also spoke about the availability of her free e-book “Seven Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams” which is currently available on her website:

To visit Conway Consulting, visit

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