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Mar 30, 2024

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Apr 2, 2024

After 35 Years Of Research, Study, and Personal Development, Mindset Coach Lori Gradley Releases “How To Think And Succeed By Empowering Your Mind”

     If you’ve been needing a life turnaround how-to and you want to leverage 35 years of research, study, and personal development focus, “How to Think And Succeed By Empowering Your Mind” could be the book for you.

     Author and mindset coach Lori Gradley recently shared that by “mastering our thoughts and beliefs, we can shape our reality to manifest the life we desire.” Her book promises to give “proven, timeless principles for personal growth, professional success, and overall well-being to be able to do just that.

     The book is the outcome of a terrible head-on accident that landed her in the hospital where she discovered how to get control and the results out of life she wanted.  To help readers also get there, she’s said to have moved beyond general information and vague references to instead, write a “roadmap” for “removing negative habit patterns” with “step-by-step instructions”, complete with worksheets (how actionable is that?).

     Her book has been called a “thought-provoking path of inspiration” with “scientific strategies and heartfelt life lessons that offer practical solutions.”

     Kindle readers can pick up a copy at Amazon for just $5.99 (regularly priced $16.99). Purchasers can get free gifts with their purchase by visiting to learn more.


PR Newswire (03-19-24)

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