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Enhanced Athletic Attention, Speed, Memory, and Hydration, The Focus of Launch Hydrate's New Revolutionary Drink

Sports nutrition innovator Launch Hydrate announced its unique sports drink partnership with Perfect Game, giving access to participants to its drink with “two cutting-edge ingredients Cognizin and L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine”.

Perfect Game CEO Rob Ponger shared, “…we are committed to providing athletes with the best resources to succeed, and Launch Hydrate aligns perfectly with our mission.”

Cognizin “has undergone rigorous clinical testing and has been shown to enhance attention, psychomotor speed, and memory, providing athletes with the mental clarity and focus they need during intense training and competitions.  L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, an amino acid blend, optimizes electrolyte and water absorption, resulting in rapid and deep hydration.  Additionally, Launch Hydrate has more electrolytes….”

Launch Hydrate can be found in four flavors: fruit punch, orange, tropical, and strawberry lemon.  The drink is intended to provide both hydration and performance enhancement and can be found on Amazon and at  The 16.9 oz drinks retail on Amazon for $35.99 for a pack of 12.


PR Newswire (05-25-2023)

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