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Dec 19, 2023

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Nationwide Farm-to-Table Fresh Meals by Health and Wellness Producer Launches in January 2024

     Le-Vel already supports 10 million customers with their health and wellness products and skincare company. And now they’ve recently announced the launch of “convenient, healthy meals for those seeking balance between a busy lifestyle and optimal wellness” through their national meal delivery service called MYFRESH expected to go live in January 2024.

     MYFRESH promises to be nutritious and packed with flavor. The meals are delivered fresh, never frozen and feature “locally sourced ingredients, free of hormones, no added sugars and no preservatives” which, they say, will “save customers money and time.”

     Le-Vel is looking to appeal to customers seeking to find healthy meals that are also convenient so each meal will take 2-3 minutes to heat. Their weekly menu options and include meatballs and marinara, chopped steak, shrimp, tangy chicken breast, steak, and carnitas.

To see more about Le-Vel, visit:


PR Newswire (12-15-2023)

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