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Feb 16, 2024

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Get Juicing With Up To 200% More In Essential Minerals Like Calcium and Zinc

     Are you looking for a cold press juicer capable of producing 30% more juice than competitors while giving you up to 200% more calcium, iron, and zinc?  Tribest has just announced their 5thGeneration Greenstar Juicer can produce those results.  They also shared that the new juicer can take on “even hard-to-juice produce like celery, greens, ginger, carrots, and turmeric” while using low RPMs for minimal heat resulting in a true cold press experience.

     At $849, the juicer is reportedly easier to clean and is powered by jumbo twin gears made of steel. Tribest is also proud to announce that the technology built into the juicer helps ensure longer freshness of produced juice, which we see as a time-saver for consumers interested in juicing.

     The announcement shares Tribest’s 35-year manufacturing history of high-quality appliances designed for healthy living. The machine can be found at Amazon, at, and other online retailers. According to their website, the juicer is available in gray and white. They estimate the shipping date of December 7, 2023.


PR Newswire (12-05-2023)

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