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Varicate Cover Story

Mar 7, 2024

Date Published: 


Announcing The Polar And Calm Collaboration!

     Calm boasts downloads of over 150 million for its “sleep, meditation, and relaxation” app. Polar has been in the wearables field for approximately 50 years. Its products include fitness-oriented devices such as watches and heart rate monitors.

     They recently said, “[The] initiative is designed to cultivate a balanced state of mind, enhancing focus, resilience, and confidence – key attributes enabling all of us to thrive under pressure, overcome challenges, and sustain long-term success in sports and life.”

     Calm, for their part said they were proud to “team up with Polar” to help those who use their products towards a “happier, healthier life.”

     As of March 5, 2024, Polar users are able to redeem a code for a free three month premium membership to Calm. There are some restrictions, and the offer is available in the United States. To see more, navigate to

     Calm’s app is available for Apple users at the App Store. It is also available at the Google Play store.


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