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Jan 23, 2024

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Passionate Purveyor of Leadership, Practical Advice Author, and Executive Coach Carol Ann Langford, Special Guest on Close Up Radio Podcast

Carol Ann Langford’s passion for helping executives and business leaders reach their potential comes pleasantly through the two installments of Close Up Radio, which are available as a podcast.  She’s a world-class communicator, and the interviews take on more of a conversational between guest and host seen in high-trust relationships.

The episodes split time with hosts Jim Masters in part one and Doug Llewelyn in part two. Each segment is approximately 35 minutes and available from Apple’s Podcast app.

Change is happening too fast to adhere to old models, Langford said.

At her coaching company, Langford Leadership, she described business profits as resulting from leadership demonstrating values including goodwill, respect, listening, tolerance, shared interest, and compassion.

She said she leverages highly tuned listening skills to help people pursue their paths toward success.

With her dynamic communication style and passion for others, it’s easy to see why she was recruited to go into executive coaching and why others encouraged her to write the Amazon available book, The Speed of Passion: How Relationship-Based Leadership Drives Innovation.  The book currently lists for $16.95 and is free with kindleunlimited.

She said her goals in writing the book were for the reader to “come away with tangible mechanisms that they can use.”

Listen at Close Up Radio, visit Langford Leadership at

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