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Dec 1, 2023

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Think and Grow Rich

     The 53rd printing of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (published by Penguin Group) is a refreshingly relevant read for self-developers. The topics contained in its 300 or so pages first brought to Napoleon Hill by Andrew Carnegie. The foundation of writing is the sharing of concepts that Carnegie thought should be made available to even those too busy with life, work, and more, which, by their very nature, restricts one’s ability to discover the information on their own.

     The read is divided into sixteen chapters and includes the 1937 Introduction by Carnegie. A new Preface has been added to it which includes the fact that more than 15 million copies have been sold to readers. Chapters include “The Power of Thought,” which sites the idea that prior to accomplishing what’s wanted, people generally meet “much temporary defeat, and perhaps some failure” (p6). Part of the appeal of this read is the appreciation of the all-too-familiar struggle generally experienced before what’s wanted is accomplished.

     The book has held up well over time and continues to provide actionable information for readers. We are delighted to see how much of the book is not only still relevant but has been updated with more current information. It is easy to see why it is listed as an Amazon top seller. In short, we would encourage self-developers to not only read the text but also to extract maximum value by studying much of what it has to say.

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