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Mar 26, 2024

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The Powerhouse Partnership of Tony Robbins, Robbins Research International, and Global Learning Management System Tovuti

     The self developer lifestyle continues its spread into corporate fronts with the recently updated announcement of the continued strategic partnership between legendary personal development coach Tony Robbins, his company (Robbins Research International (RRI)), and Tovuti, which is described as the number one software learning and knowledge management system.

     Recently, Tovuti announced its expanded content to include pre-built virtual reality courses having “a catalog with hundreds…of courses…ranging from general safety to healthcare…compliance…leadership skills training, industry-specific training, and others.”  Their training includes “everything from compliance to career development.”

     In late 2023, Tovuti announced its “expanded partnership with Tony Robbins of Robbins Research International (RRI).” Robbins was said to bring “his expertise to help Tovuti refine and expand its packaged training content offerings for enterprise-level customers.” In that announcement, Robbins touted the game-changing access the training and education platform would provide.

     Tovuti provides services in more than 20 countries, which means the self-development lifestyle will be an international business factor as an outcome of this collaboration.

     CEO and Founder Troy McClain said “[they] are thrilled at what Tony brings to the table. His depth of experience on what coaches, motivates, and educates customers is invaluable. We look forward to this deeper relationship with Tony Robbins and RRI and the expertise he can bring to our strategy.”


PR Newswire (03-19-24)

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