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Nov 29, 2023

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What is Self-Development

What is Self-Development and What Are Self Developers

     UPDATED: Occasionally, things become clearest by eliminating what they are not, eliminating many considerations. Along this line of thinking, we need to point out that self-development isn’t therapy, isn’t a substitute for therapy, and isn’t something that replaces it either. It is always outside the therapy environment and relationship. Self-development also isn’t “self-help” because that implies that something is wrong with the individual (i.e., the person or something within them is broken where either needs fixing).

     Our self-development perspective complements the view of the individual being both resourceful and whole. We also believe that being a self-developer means that the individual is intentionally pursuing and discovering new information, tools, strategies, inspiration, clarifying or organizing what they already know, combined with action for desired results. And when action does occur, it is measured and reflected upon for meaningful progress.

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