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Your Way to The Perfect Workcation

Working from home, also called "remote work" became a necessity due to COVID, but even before that, it was a popular notion for many workers.   People appreciate the flexibility and other benefits that this work situation affords them.  Should COVID permanently move to the rearview mirror of the working landscape, workers may again be interested in a trend known as workcations which takes the concept to a new level.  The ability to get work done while enjoying a vacation is incredibly appealing and we've got some ideas worth considering for planning a workcation.

What is a Workcation?

A workcation is the opportunity to spend time on vacation while still being able to work normal or compressed hours.  They allow you to see new locations and enjoy new experiences simultaneously.  The best part is that you are not limited to specific vacation days to treat yourself.

Four Workcation Destinations You Will Love

1.  Iceland

Iceland is a truly unique workcation destination.  The natural wonders here alone are worth the trip.  Iceland offers long-term visas, so it's the logical destination for those interested in exploring this gorgeous country while also working.  From being able to travel to the heart of a dormant volcano to viewing the Aurora Borealis, Iceland has a lot to offer.

2.  Norway

The striking beauty of Norway will blow travelers away.  When you are not working, you can take a quick trip to the countryside to explore the scenery at your own pace.  One place to consider is Oslo which has a flourishing culinary scene in addition to museums and parks.  Travelers can currently stay in Norway for up to three months without a visa.

3.  Spain

If you want to soak in the beauty of an extensive Mediterranean coastline, then a workcation in Spain is for you.  Travelers will be amazed by the colorful scenery and culture.  The local food is fantastic as well.  From larger cities like Madrid and Barcelona to smaller towns, there are countless things to do when you are not working.  Anyone can stay for three months without a Visa.

4.  Portugal

Portugal offers fun in the sun for those on a workcation.  When you are not working, you can do things like enjoy unique architecture or spend time on one of many gorgeous beaches.  There is an exquisite selection of food and wine to be enjoyed here, and you can also spend time hiking or sailing.  Portugal is a wise choice for a workcation destination, as temporary residence visas can be obtained for one year.

Three Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Workcation

A Schedule is Essential

You need to make sure you stick to a schedule while on a workcation.  It can be so easy to want to do something fun instead of working.  Always make sure your work is done before taking time to enjoy yourself.

Choose Any Potential Travel Partners Carefully

If your workcation involves traveling with other people, choose wisely.  It needs to be clear that while you will enjoy yourself, you will also have work to do.  You may want to consider working when your travel partner is sleeping or otherwise occupied.

Have a Reliable Work Set Up

If you're embarking on a workcation, you need a reliable work setup. This includes a suitable area to work and a solid internet connection.

A workcation can give you the best of both worlds.  You will be able to explore some amazing destinations while also earning a living and the opportunity to explore the world.  If you are someone who enjoys traveling, this could very well be a perfect adventure keeping stress down and productivity up.

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